Emilia’s photography exhibition!

Emilia finally realized her dream and had her own photo exhibition.

During our EVS, Emilia was part of photography workshop. They were making photo sessions, and learning other things about making and editing photos.  They planned to make a big exhibition in the palace of Arenas de San Pedro, but unfortunately they could only do it in September, when Emilia will not be there. So she decided to make a smaller exhibition with her photographs  and with some of other people from workshop.

The exhibition will be open from 21 to 30 of July, and there was already a lot of visits.

Congratulations to Emilia! We believe she has a bright future as an artist!

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VIII Festival AJS

After months of work, the AJS festival is over!

We were preparing the festival -a theater play-  since February; there was a lot of work: writing a play, preparing it and later learning a dance for a “flashmob”. It was funny, until the last moment we were not sure if it will be good, or if everybody knows the text, but at the end everybody liked it and we were all so happy!!

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(click the image to see it bigger)


Como todos los años, los jóvenes tienen un mensaje que quieren compartir con todos vosotros. La Asoc. AJS promueve la participación activa de los jóvenes y el desarrollo de iniciativa juvenil. El Festival es una de las muchas actividades en los cuales los jóvenes son los protagonistas, no solo en la ejecución de la obra misma pero también en el proceso creativo.

Quieres saber qué mueve a nuestros jóvenes y a la vez colaborar con la AJS y el Carro Solidario?

Te esperamos el 14 de Junio en la Casa de la Cultura “Josefina Carabias” en Arenas de San Pedro.cartel festival

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Visits to Madrid

Since Monia (our boss :D) was going every Saturday to Madrid,  we used this opportunity to visit Madrid without having to pay for travel. I remember my first visit to Madrid as bad experience (Halima). I went alone, and planned to stay 4 days. At the end I went back home to Arenas 2 days before because I didn’t like it! Imagine a person who doesn’t like Madrid! Well I was one of them. 😀 Actually the reasons why I didn’t liked it are millions of people and tourist, thousands of cars on the streets, and the big noise from everything.

But, later I went few more times, only for one day. And it was different and better. I went with Emilia and few more friends from Arenas, and we had planned what we want to see. It was mostly only one or two places a day, so we were going quite relaxed and without any hurry which was a better ideas than trying to visit the whole Madrid as I did the first time. 😀

100_8967 100_8951 100_8955 100_8957 100_8959 100_8962

(click the image to see it bigger)

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English classes are over!

Little by little, we are finishing the activities of our EVS project in Arenas de San Pedro. One of them were English classes with children of primary school. All three of us had different groups of children from 6 to 12 years.

Now we can see how we improved our teaching skills, and work with children. We started without any previous experience of giving classes to children; really scared and confused about what and how we have to do it. After 8 months, we do know how manage and organize a group of kids with a lot of energy! 😀

We had a lot fun but also hard moments with them, and know it’s over. We hope they learned as much as we did from them!

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Mid-term Evaluation

Last week we participated in mid-term training in a small village called Mollina, near Malaga. It was nice to see other volunteers which we met in our first training, but also meet new ones. The group was huge; we were around 150 volunteers.
The training was mainly about evaluation of our EVS project and reflection as well. Moreover, we were speaking about how to improve our project in the time we have left.

After the training we stayed in the city of Malaga 2 days, with our friends. We enjoyed this week, and now back to work!






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English cafe

One of the activities that we do is English cafe, which we organize every month in a local cafe bar.

We already have a group of people that always come. What we do is to prepare three topics, and three of us has its own desk and group of 4-5 people. The groups rotate, so that at the end everybody was involved in all three topics.

It is a funny activities, and also everything depends on the level of English language of each group, but enjoy it a lot.

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We knew that Carnival is a big thing in Spain, but not this much! We were all amazed by the effort (and money) people put in making their costumes and preparing for the big day.
There are 4 days of carnival, and each there are different events. The first day was the defile of adults through the town, and in the night a party in the palace. The other day it was defile for children, and here Emilia got group that was performing her choreography.
We had a lot of fun!

DSC_0161 100_8847 100_8863 CAM00200

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